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Durmanhoth Mansion  VR

Themed Interactive Environment

What is Durmanhoth Mansion VR ?

Durmanhoth Mansion VR is a "Themed Interactive Environment" under development for The Durmanhoth Clan Gaming Community. DC has been online for over 3 decades, starting out on MUDS text based computer games and BBS games all the
way up to current game titles. They are a fantastic community for gamers 18+ to grow with, play with and have fun online.

This VR title is from the entire Durmanhoth Family Available FREE
to Friends & Community to say thank you for the many great gaming years and experiences. 


Working Title: DC-HQ VR

Release Title: Durmanhoth Mansion VR.
Current Version: 1.0.42 (02/12/21) 

Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (4.20.3)
Est File Size: 5  GB 

Genre: Themed Interactive Environment / Sandbox VR
Player(s): Current 1 Player (Future Multiplayer?)
Developer: Keltech Studios.

Hardware Supported: HTC Vive & Pro / Oculus Rift / Gear

Closed Alpha - Testing


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