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   Welcome to Keltech Studios.

   We are a private studio packed with 30 years of programming / gaming experience and the drive to get there, and back again. Our passion for VR was only a dream until just a few years ago, when the software and hardware became available and made it possible. 25 years ago, we had access to a little red helmet, with red tennis players in it.  Although a huge let down in the field, the dream of VR was stronger than ever.

   With today's technology, creating VR is expedited 100% and more manageable in creation, design and workflows. This allows a greater focus on quality control, interactions, story lines and plausible immersion.

   Virtual Reality is still relatively a new technology that is made up of everything Keltech Studios is built on, and that is the ability to translate code into a full-on 3D navigable environment that is immersive, compelling and fun Virtual Experiences. Telling the human story, digitally.

- Virtually Driven.

Kelly J Turgeon - CEO
Chief Executive Officer / Lead Programmer.
Keltech Studios VR, SP.


  - Time Line

1998 - Keltech Digital Solutions.


- Flash Design, php, dreamweaver design and website design, html & CSS

- Video Game Rentals, Console Rentals, Commercial Space - Trenton, On.

2001 - Created custom software for tv related peripherals.

2005 - Keltech Solutions SP - (Company Name change) Web Design, Web Creation, HTML5 Template design & Sales, Sprite creation, graphic design, sound creation and editing. Computer repair and diagnostics. 



* assisted with development of Department Store Battles (DSB)
BF2 Mod PC. - KTS assisted with Graphics, Media and Language Translations For Blue Entertainment.

2015 - Vision shift, Amalgamate all services under one Studio, web design, VR programming, game design and marketing. Evolving from Keltech Solutions to Keltech Studios SP.

2017 - DC APP - APP for Android. (Lollipop Device Minimum) 
App is available for download on Play Store.

2018 - Durmanhoth Mansion VR - Themed Interactive Environment.
UE4 4.20.x, Vive / Rift. - Under Development. Pushed to Q3/4 2022.



Welcome !


- (DSB) Department Store Battles
BF2 Mod)

     Assisted in the design & development of DSB MOD, A 3rd Party game modification or add on for the popular title Battlefield 2 by EA. Created with Valve HAMMER SDK,

   KTS supplied Graphics, Sounds clips, Concepts and Translations for French, German and English with team Leader (Engineer Isaac) and the Blue Community. Code Name: Warbreed


   Blue Entertainment has been providing solid works;  videos, games, mods, gaming servers and a plethora of their content to the gaming community for over two decades now. 

Researching and developing VR Tools, Content and workings for a new limitless market that has enormous potential in the coming years. We at KTS are extremely excited and hope to deliver new and fresh content in the months to come.


DC is an inspiring Online Gaming Community. Popular in the US back in 2003 with over 500+ Members on SWG servers and 100+ active online, they were the guild to be in. KTS developed the DC_APP which is available for FREE on play market HERE

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